Support Brain Function With Magnesium L-Threonate

A new human study using a unique, highly-available form of magnesium, magnesium-L-threonate, or MgT, shows that 12-week administration not only boosts performance on individual cognitive tests, but also reverses brain aging by more than nine years in older adults with cognitive impairment.
Our brains shrink as we age, victims of steady declines in the numbers and functions of our brain cells and their cerebral “switchboards” known as synapses.
Loss of those synapses is currently the best predictor of cognitive decline, the slowing and wandering of our wits as we age.
Scientists now believe that preventing the loss of synapses, and promoting their density, has incredible potential for preventing cognitive decline.
Animal studies confirm that MgT has remarkable capacity to promote new synapse formation and enhance plasticity in ways that preserve youthful brain function.
We only get one brain apiece to last our entire lives – MgT supplementation appears to be indispensable in preserving our best brain function.

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